What are ESG key success factors in indirect procurement for existing and potential clients of a Swiss procurement company in the financial industry?

Stakeholders place a high value on companies with strong ESG performance, which has been shown to attract more investment capital. Consequently, Chief Procurement Officers have a crucial role to play in improving a company's ESG factors, as sustainability is closely linked to the supply chain.

Emily Walser, 2023

Bachelor Thesis, Swiss Procurement Company
Betreuende Dozierende: Marco Casanova
Keywords: ESG in Procurement, Sustainability
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Previous research has not differentiated between direct and indirect procurement. This research identifies ESG factors in indirect procurement. It focuses on what are the key ESG success factors in indirect procurement for existing and potential clients of a Swiss procurement company in the financial industry. It also analyses these companies' approach to ESG and the measures they have implemented. In addition, the development of these companies' expectations is assessed. The thesis focuses on companies in the financial industry located in the DACH region, the US or the UK.
The results of the bachelor thesis are based on empirical data collected through interviews with experts in the field of sustainability, procurement, and supply chain. A qualitative thematic analysis was used to efficiently interpret and evaluate the data. This approach allowed an effective analysis of the data collected from the interviews. Finally, similarities and patterns were analysed to identify the key ESG success factors for companies in the financial sector.
The main findings suggest that while many companies have implemented sophisticated ESG programmes, some are still in the early stages of transitioning to sustainable operations. The maturity of a company's ESG department does not necessarily reflect the sustainability of its procurement practices. Even within the same industry, there are differences, with some companies just beginning to integrate sustainability into their operations, while others are leading the way. There is a trend in the financial industry to prioritise sustainability in the coming years. While current challenges include a lack of standardised frameworks and legislation, these are expected to diminish in the coming years as the number of regulations and standardisation efforts increase. While this will provide companies with clearer guidance and make compliance easier, it will also bring new challenges. Companies will be required to ensure greater transparency throughout their supply chain.
Studiengang: Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Art der Arbeit
Bachelor Thesis
Swiss Procurement Company
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Emily Walser
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Marco Casanova
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Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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ESG in Procurement, Sustainability