Communication Plan

Awareness and reputation are key elements for start-up success - especially in the highly sensitive market for anti-doping products. This paper shows how these elements can be achieved through systematic communication planning for external as well as internal audiences.

Lurtz, Josefine & Arnold, Jenia & Sard, Nadine & Singh, Arshbir & Dinh, Linh & Domika, Davide, 2022

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Betreuende Dozierende Gürtler, Stefan
Keywords Communication Plan
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The young internationally operating company produces and markets security containers which are used to transport urine and/or blood samples to combat doping in sports. As the company is operating in a niche market with strong competition, it aims to optimize its use of resources to create efficient internal as well as external communication. Since no official communication plan has ever been implemented, an one-year action plan has been delivered to the client which specifically aims to directly and indirectly communicate about the key factor – “Trust”.
The communication plan was established through the combination of literature research and interviews where primary and secondary data have been collected. After an analysis of the current communicative measures of the client and its competitors, internal and external stakeholders were determined and categorized. Further, communication objectives were set, key messages derived, and fitting tools and channels selected. Lastly an action plan for the first implementation year was established, including the required financial means and KPI’s.
This communication concept provides a thorough analysis of the company's situation to then determine the necessary tools and plan to turn opportunities into value for the client. The action plan for the first year, which is the result of the research carried out, allows the company to utilize limited resources to execute a simple tool for internal and external communicative optimization. Further, the amount of required monetary resources for this plan are determined, making adjustments based on individual company needs possible. Lastly, the KPI's ensure that the results and outcomes of the communicative measures can be measured after the first year of implementation. Therefore, the customer is offered a self-revising solution, as they can further improve and build on the existing plan by adjusting it based on the results of the more general research, their experiences and market developments.
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Lurtz, Josefine & Arnold, Jenia & Sard, Nadine & Singh, Arshbir & Dinh, Linh & Domika, Davide
Betreuende Dozierende
Gürtler, Stefan
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Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Communication Plan