Development of Buyer Personas for a Green Tech Start-Up

The green tech start-up JackRipe AG was founded in 2020 as a reaction to the prevailing sustainability movement. The company aims to bring customers closer to nature and local products by connecting them directly with local farmers and food manufacturers via a digital marketplace.

Matt, Stefanie, 2022

Art der Arbeit Bachelor Thesis
Auftraggebende JackRipe AG
Betreuende Dozierende Tillessen, Joachim
Keywords Buyer Personas, Proto Personas, FHNW Model of Integrated Communications Management
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To create remarkable content that will attract customers, a company needs to know how consumers function: what are their needs, goals, and fears? JackRipe has ideas about what the “typical” customer looks like, but no detailed analyses have taken place. The research questions aim to uncover drivers of customers who buy groceries from local producers on a marketplace like JackRipe, how those drivers differ in distinctive personas and what the most important communication platforms are in context of the company and its services.
In this bachelor thesis, qualitative interviews with customers of JackRipe are used to uncover possible drivers and motives as well as preferred communication channels of consumers. In a subsequent quantitative survey, the drivers and communication channels identified are tested against a larger group of consumers, aiming to discover which of those drivers are most represented in certain target segments. The data is then further developed into proto personas.
This paper explores existing and potential customers of JackRipe to understand who the company currently is and could be targeting through its communications activities. The researcher identifies what drives customers to buy from a marketplace like JackRipe and via which communication channels those customers are accessible. The buyer personas developed provide relevant information on consumers, their drivers, and preferred channels in relation to the services of JackRipe based on which an effective content strategy can be developed. Personas allow the company to tailor their content, messaging, and services to meet consumers’ needs and behaviours. Ultimately, the company can save money by producing effective marketing campaigns and improving PR activities. The thesis is concluded with seven recommendations for the client on what measures to implement to best reach their target personas. To implement the measures suggested by the researcher, the company needs to take a social media manager on board, who will be overseeing all social media activities. The researcher further includes amendments needed in terms of processes and company culture.
Studiengang: Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
Vertraulichkeit: vertraulich
Art der Arbeit
Bachelor Thesis
JackRipe AG, Widen
Autorinnen und Autoren
Matt, Stefanie
Betreuende Dozierende
Tillessen, Joachim
Sprache der Arbeit
Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
Standort Studiengang
Buyer Personas, Proto Personas, FHNW Model of Integrated Communications Management