Market analysis of the nail design industry

Over the past years, nail salons have become a common feature of Swiss towns, malls, and city neighbourhoods. A market analysis has been conducted to obtain an overview of the nail design market; the focus is on assessing the supply of nail salons in Switzerland.

Corinne Marty, 2022

Bachelor Thesis, Vina Cosmetics AG
Betreuende Dozierende: Patrick Angehrn
Keywords: Market Analysis Nail design industry
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The nail design industry is an unregulated but booming industry in Switzerland. Due to its lack of statistics and transparency, it is challenging to obtain reliable figures about supply and demand in this market. The client of this thesis plans to launch an innovative product in the nail segment. The product will mainly be distributed to the end consumer via cosmetic and nail salons. For this reason, a market analysis should be conducted to obtain an overview of the market; the focus is assessing the supply of nail salons in Switzerland.
The market analysis included a literature review. In addition, a survey among nail salons was performed, and expert interviews were conducted to provide a qualitative supplement and expand the analysis result of the survey. The conceptual phase involved filtering, evaluating, and analysing the results obtained from the survey, expert interviews, and literature research. Based on the result, a market analysis has been conducted. The data collected was combined to estimate the market size of the nail design industry in Switzerland.
The results have shown that nail salons are usually small businesses. From the survey data, it can be concluded that a nail salon generates an average of around CHF 20'297.62 in monthly turnover. However, it must be mentioned that the average turnover varies wildly, depending on the size of the studios and the number of employees. Small studios, often run by one person, characterize the structure of this industry. The monthly average turnover per salon varies from 3'000 francs to 87'500 Swiss francs. About 50 percent of the salons surveyed generate an annual turnover of less than 100'000 Swiss francs. One-third of the respondents create a turnover within the calculated average, and another third generate a turnover that lies above the norm.
Studiengang: Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Bachelor Thesis
Vina Cosmetics AG , Windisch
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Corinne Marty
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Patrick Angehrn
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Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Market Analysis Nail design industry