The external Corporate Social Responsibility Communication of an Audit and Consulting Corporation - An Analysis of CSR Communication among Competitors within the Swiss Audit and Consulting Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept encountered by many corporations which brings opportunities but also challenges. This thesis is concerned with an analysis of the external CSR communication of five corporations within the Swiss audit and consulting industry.

Oehninger, Michelle & Kreyenbühl, Chantal, 2022

Art der Arbeit Bachelor Thesis
Auftraggebende confidential
Betreuende Dozierende Fuduric, Nikolina
Keywords Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, ESG, Audit and Consulting, communication
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With CSR being a hot topic nowadays, it is of utmost importance to implement it in the external communication of an organization. The objective of this thesis is to provide an analysis of the external CSR communication in different engagement areas and communication dimensions. With a competitor analysis, five corporations from the Swiss audit and consulting sector are compared. It is pointed out where the strengths and weaknesses of the client lie and what opportunities might arise for them in their external CSR communication.
With the literature review and one expert interview, a common understanding is established and the key concepts are explained in detail. The competitor analysis is then based on secondary data gathered from websites, LinkedIn channels and print media articles. The analysis is concerned with the content of the data as well as how the information is communicated externally. With the combination of three suitable frameworks, the gathered data is analyzed and insights on where each of the five competitors stand are provided.
Results from the competitor analysis revealed that the majority of external CSR communica-tion is concerned with societal and environmental issues. Governance, as a rather internal area, was seldomly put in the spotlight by either of the corporations analyzed. The main dif-ferences found between the selected corporations lie not predominantly in what they com-municate in terms of CSR, but rather in their methods of communication. Hence, after analyzing and identifying the outcomes of the analysis, it can be concluded that out of the corporations considered, the client of this thesis is the front-runner in CSR commu-nication. They engage in almost every aspect of CSR which is analyzed and they present outstandingly informative CSR content. In order to further develop and stand out from the competition, they should consider implementing certain suggestions. The print media channel provides a great opportunity to publish CSR engagements, as none of the competitors have used this channel lately. It could also be of value for them to follow a clear communication strategy, especially on LinkedIn. This would make it easier to see the progress in the different engagement areas.
Studiengang: Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Art der Arbeit
Bachelor Thesis
Autorinnen und Autoren
Oehninger, Michelle & Kreyenbühl, Chantal
Betreuende Dozierende
Fuduric, Nikolina
Sprache der Arbeit
Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, ESG, Audit and Consulting, communication