Implementation of Qlik Sense for Fresh and Frozen Food Inc.

Fresh and Frozen Food AG is advancing their reporting system by changing the business intelligence (BI) program to a more sophisticated solution. Not only current reports should be automatized but also newly developed reports, in cooperation with the management, are made available for the company.

Bruce Filip Greber, 2022

Bachelor Thesis, Fresh and Frozen Food AG
Betreuende Dozierende: Caterina Savi
Keywords: Business Intelligence, BI tool, Qlik, Fresh and Frozen Food, FFF, Statistics, Reporting
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Due to the growth experienced in the last couple of years, the company had its resources allocated to the daily business operations. However, a growing demand of reports within the company requires more automatization and flexibility in the reporting environment for the decision-making. The growing demand of available data also requires the mutation of existing or even the development of new reports.
Basically, the work consists of two parts. On one hand, interviews are conducted within the company to get an understanding of the benefit current reports are providing and what could be further helpful for employees and management to track. On the other hand, the implementation of the reports into the upgraded business intelligence program, Qlik Sense®, had to be conducted. For this, a relevant training in this module had to be completed to be able to graphically present the generated data in a meaningful way. Furthermore, Qlik Sense® is compared to other BI tools to assess its capabilities.
The result should be automatized, less error-prone reports that can be flexibly retrieved by each employee. The best-case scenario would be that these reports can be generated without human interference, making the nowadays monthly created reports more responsive, allowing the employees to track even the weekly dynamics of their products. Furthermore, with the insight gained from the interviews, the reports can be either optimized or completely newly constructed to fulfill actual needs. Instead of having only company-wide analyses, apps with drilldown functions can be developed to illustrate more relevant information for each category, product and segment manager, easing the tracking procedure and also decision-making process. The comparison of the BI tools provides the customer with the knowledge of the capabilities of their BI tool in comparison to other tools, supporting the company with the decision to change completely to Qlik Sense® or to select another tool more suitable and capable. Since this bachelor thesis involves sensitive data of the customer, the thesis is treated confidentially.
Studiengang: Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Art der Arbeit
Bachelor Thesis
Fresh and Frozen Food AG, Wohlen AG
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Bruce Filip Greber
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Caterina Savi
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Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Business Intelligence, BI tool, Qlik, Fresh and Frozen Food, FFF, Statistics, Reporting