Disposal of lithium-ion batteries - situation analysis and challenges in Switzerland

This paper provides insights in the market for the storage and disposal of lithium-ion batteries, including qualitative interviews with existing and potential customers.

Herzog Philipp & Neugebauer Felix, 2020

Bachelor Thesis, REMONDIS Schweiz AG
Betreuende Dozierende: Nikolina Fuduric
Keywords: Lithium-ion batteries, market analysis, PESTLE, Porters five forces, qualitative interviews, REMONDIS, RETRON
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REMONDIS is aiming to gain market insights in the disposal industry of lithium-ion batteries. With their already existing solution RETRON lithium-ion batteries can be stored and transported safely.
In order to gain an overview of the topic and identify challenges in the industry, secondary data was collected. For the analysis of the macro environment the PESTLE model has been applied. Porters five forces model led the authors through the process of evaluating the different external factors that will impact REMONDIS in the industry. Furthermore, the “Jobs-to-be-done” theory was applied to develop and execute qualitative interviews with current and potential customers.
The results indicate the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries. This indicates potential business options for REMONDIS. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic two economic scenarios might occur established by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The authors research indicates several existing substitutes to RETRON. The most popular one INOBAT is operating on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and financed through the VEG, a pre-paid disposal fee. The qualitative interviews with potential customers demonstrate a high satisfaction with their actual storage and recycling process of lithium-ion batteries. A further identified finding is the low brand awareness of RETRON.
Studiengang: Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
Fachbereich der Arbeit: Volkswirtschaft
Vertraulichkeit: vertraulich
Art der Arbeit
Bachelor Thesis
REMONDIS Schweiz AG, Schaffhausen
Autorinnen und Autoren
Herzog Philipp & Neugebauer Felix
Betreuende Dozierende
Nikolina Fuduric
Sprache der Arbeit
Business Administration International Management (Bachelor)
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Lithium-ion batteries, market analysis, PESTLE, Porters five forces, qualitative interviews, REMONDIS, RETRON